Edge Hill University

The-Rook1. "The Rook" 11min
Adam Bradley
An agoraphobic woman is inspired by the ghost of her best friend to start
living life.
Ad-Marginem2. "Ad Marginem" 16min
Liam Yates
A tense, occult thriller influenced by Ingmar Bergman Ad Marginem is a
music and film collaboration by two of Liverpool's finest underground
rock-acts. Psych-rock adventurers Mugstar provides the soundtrack.
grow3. "Grow" 14:30min
Jim Martin
A man grows his ideal woman from seeds.
Heaven-Hell-and-other-Alternativies4. "Heaven and Other Alternatives" 20min
Jack Leigh
A dark comedy set after the death of a morally questionable con artist
who is sent to purgatory for the trial of his life, looking back over the highs
and lows of his time walking the earth to decide his ultimate fate, heaven
or hell or other alternatives?
ethereal5. "Ethereal" 10min
George Short, Dom Tolley, Jonathan Treherne, Connor Williams
A thriller where a professor uses his new medication to fight his mental
Dream-Job6. "Dream Job" Animation 5min
David Chambers
A security guard has grown tired of his job. He hates it so much; in order
to keep awake he enjoys imagining himself in the role of the people he's
watching. However, his daydreams prove the grass isn't always greener
on the other side!
Big-and-Small7. "Big and Small" Animation 1min
Jonathan Redmond
'Freedom' through first draft animation, avoiding storyboard or planned
character transformations and letting the line art take its own course. The
only conscious objective was to alternate from big to small, and vice
versa. The result is a sketch-pad glimpse of an animator's thoughts.
Daft-as-a-Brush8. "Daft as a Brush" Animation 4min
Alexandra Donohoe
It's The Office meets Creature Comforts in this feel good mockumentary,
as we get to experience a day in the life of Shirley, Woolsten Hall's head
custodial, as she brushes round the corridors and classrooms, bumping
into some of the daftest cleaning appliances you'll ever meet!
Soul-of-a-Shoe9. "Soul of a Shoe" 10min
Sam Cawely
A journey through the life of a pair of shoes. Filmed on a ipad, the film
uses static and panning shots to create a heart warming funny and
romantic film.
Kiss-of-Frost10. "Kiss of Frost" 14min
Carl Hunter
A Birdwatcher and a Treasure Hunter meet in a bleak landscape, both
are looking for something, both find something unexpected.